Jill Gregory Hypnotherapist & Life Coach - What is life coaching?
What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. Life coaches help clients set and reach goals using a variety of tools and techniques. Life coaches are not therapists nor consultants; psychological intervention and business analysis are outside the scope of their work. Life coaching draws inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, positive adult development, career counseling, NLP, mentoring and other types of counseling. Wikapedia
Jill Gregory Life Coaching
Jill Gregory Life Coaching uses the law of attraction and positive metaphysical techniques and tools to help you to manifest your goals.  If you give 100% to achieving these goals you will be surprised how quickly these goals will manifest in your life and how your life will change for the better.  As you manifest and achieve your goals, your confidence will grow with it.  I can also help guide a person to develop and understand themselves and their lives without boundaries.  I can also help you to identify and remove any blocks keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams. The areas we can work on are:
Personal Development
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