Jill Gregory Hypnotherapist & Life Coach - Testimonials

"I enjoyed my session very much.  I feel like a cloud has been lifted from my mind and has left me feeling excited about the path ahead" - Cheryl, Bath
"I feel Jill is an excellent life coach and it was really helpful for my needs.  I enjoy working towards my goals with Jill and really feeling comfortable talking to Jill" - Liza, Torquay
"I feel Jill was very informative and knew what she was talking about.  She gave me insight as to what I should be focusing on" - Chantal, Kilwinning
"Very Good positive coaching.  Jill got me thinking how I could go about achieving my dreams" - Debbie, Bath
"Jill is very empathetic and easy to talk to.  Jill helped me work out what has been holding me back" - Janet, Bath
"Jill is very calm and presented the session in a professional manner.  She made me feel at ease" - Karen, Bath
"My goals in my life became clearer.  Also some problems to be tackled became clearer to" - Junko, Kobe-Shi, Hyogo, Japan
 "Jill gave me a wonderful hypnotherapy session the other day. I had a fear which I hoped could be resolved. Jill had asked me previously what I wantd to work on and so had prepared a unique session specifically for me. After the session I was surprised and delighted to find the fear had gone. I felt wonderful. I would recommend Jill if you have a phobia or fear you wish to overcome or if you need help with any problem" - Pam Plymouth
"I had a wonderful experience with Hypnotherapy.  Jill has changed my life completely.  Since April 2014, Jill put me under and I havent touched a cigarette since & my life is much healthier now and its been 10 months and still going strong.  I recommend Jill for non smoking as it works" - Liza, Torquay

"THANK YOU so much for the hypnotherapy - it has opened up my horizons now I can travel without the embarrassment and discomfort of motion sickness. The treatment was caring and professionally carried out in a peaceful situation and provided an immediate positive result .  
THANK YOU once again, I would not hesitate to recommend or use your services again." Anne - Starcross 

"I enhanced my life by starting two businesses with transformational confidence after receiving Hypnotherapy over Skype.  Thank you for everything Jill" - Julie, Wales

"Jill was enormously helpful when I was mentally & emotionally overwhelmed by an important task.  After a Hypnotherapy session Via Skype, I was able to move forward and my project was a success" - Hazel, Abroad 
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