Jill Gregory Hypnotherapist & Life Coach - My beliefs
About me (my beliefs): 
Since the age of 16 I have been studying various religions          
and I have found that most have a belief in life, love and spirit.  I have found that perhaps all religions come from the same source.  All true religions are beautiful and kind but belief is as individual as people.  We are all unique and experience life differently & sometimes its hard to "fit into" a structured "organised" religion.  Just as beautiful flowers may be different, the basic nutrients it needs to grow are the same. 

I have also realised that you can manifest until you are blue in the face but if you have any blocks you wont get where you want to go.  I will help you to find those blocks & find ways to clear them so that you can move forward towards your goals & achieve them :)
Tools available in my session:
I incorporate various means and tools as I feel necessary in my sessions.  These various tools can be used in my session to help you achieve maximum success and guidance in you life goals.  These tools being:
Life coaching
(Emotional Freedom Technique)
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